Sponsored show  $150 per hour   ( Maximum 2 hours)

                                 ( Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Graduation & more )

                                                         Call: 3102597076   

                                           NOTE: Show on Holidays are $200 per hour



#1 . ONLY in making a payment you lock in your date ( dates get taken really fast)

       Pay via: ( paypal; cash app, chime, zelle or call us: 3102597076

       (Scroll all the way to the bottom for payment information) (Links to view show is listed at the bottom)



#2.  You can choose a 1 hour or 2 hours show


#3.  A one (1) hour Show CANNOT BE EXTENDED to 2 while the show is in                      PROGRESS; this can only be done the DAY BEFORE THE SHOW

#4.  If you choose a date that is our regular show time;

       you get the second hour OR it can be done the EVENING of that date

#5. You get to choose the genre  ( soca, reggae, oldies  mix etc. )

        BUT WE CHOOSE THE SONGS   ( This is to maintain our standard of show)


#6. Send us 20 pictures ONLY of the person the  event is for with name and age.

#7. For proper viewing pictures must be single pictures not collage


#8.  Let us know if you want friends and family to call in to the show

        Call in # is  (310-744-5299)

#9.  Send pictures to  my email:   wiljohnson@belizemix.com

#10. If your family is having a ZOOM the same time of the ( sponsored show )

       and wants us to showcase their  zoom  gathering  LIVE 

        there is an additional fee of $50.00

       ( Provide us with the family Zoom details before the show)

        Cash app= $belizemix                             Cash app= $radiobelizemix               


        Zelle = 310-259-7076                               Cash app= $djwiljohnson                        


       Venmo=  @ Wilhelm-Johnson                3102597076

        Chime= @ Wilhelm-Johnson                 310-259-7076

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